Snapshot Sunday on Monday: Sleet

Sleet falling in my garden this evening.

The first two days of spring were lovely and sunny and so was Sunday morning so I planned to take a walk to the local scrapyard to take some photos for Snapshot Sunday. However, as our  mum always used to say “Do what you have to do before you do what you want to do.” I thought that first I had better wash the walls and ceiling in my passage as they are next on the painting list.

By the time I had done that the wind had come up and the rain had begun. So no walk.

Today was even worse with freezing temperatures and snow in the hills. I rarely get snow at my place, this evening at about 6pm it was raining heavily as it had been for most of the day and I looked out to see that there was sleet which would probably have turned into snow had it not been so wet. I took this photo out the back door. This is sleet not my dirty windows.

One thought on “Snapshot Sunday on Monday: Sleet

  1. We had really strong winds and snow and it was bloody freezing. No walk for us either. Stayed by the heater all afternoon with the dogs and cats and watched a DVD while drinking hot tea.


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