Bad Photo Monday: Asleep on the Job!

It’s time for another bad photo Monday. I had more choices than normal since I’ve been out and about while having Phillip to stay. While we were at Penny Royal we went on a boat ride which is a bit like a ghost train as you travel through dark passages meeting convicts and pirates alike. It’s called the “Matthew Brady Dark Ride” You listen to scary stories as you travel along in your boat. I tried to get some photos inside the tunnel but it was quite dark and I couldn’t get into position to take a good photo while on this ride. Most of the photos didn’t come out very well but I got a couple of half decent shots. This one was a failure because the pirate moved and bowed his head at the wrong moment making him look as if he was having a nap or was totally wasted.

Our boat heading into the darkness and it was dark in there too.
Argg I can’t be bothered staying awake for the likes of you!
This poor fellow was fishing but he couldn’t have caught a thing in years because he has wasted away.


Read more about Penny Royal here.


I came to Australia with my mother and sister Vanda in 1966 from the UK aboard the Sitmar liner Castel Felice. We settled in South Australia I lived in the western suburbs of Adelaide for most of my life. I became very interested in retro items in my twenties. It was always a dream of mine to have an old house and fill it with retro items. I have done it twice now. My main interest is collecting old things. They do not have to be valuable, only interesting. There is something reassuring about old retro items. I have all sorts of things including doll related items. My other interests are my beautiful pets, art and going for drives to who knows where. I also enjoy board games or doing a scenic jig saw puzzle on a wintry afternoon by the fire. My goal is to travel a bit more as there are some places I would love to see

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