More Vintage Cars : Holden and Chrysler

We’ve been on the road with Wazza again over the week end and as usual I’ve been looking for old cars to photograph. I found some good ones but missed out on a couple of good ones because I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I missed out on a big American car but I did manage to spot an EJ Holden still in original condition, A Hemi Pacer and a Holden Statesman. These three cars were all spotted in Latrobe a town not far from Devonport Tasmania.The EJ Holden was at the Latrobe market and that is the reason why it has hats and other objects on top of it. This car was owned by one of the market stall holders where the other two were found at a tattoo artist’s shop parked in the yard outside. These cars are from the sixties and seventies.

EJ Holden
EJ Holden
Chrysler Hemi Pacer
Chrysler Hemi Pacer
Holden Statesman


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