Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Tombstones and Cemeteries

Circle of Life

Not far from my house there is a small church and a school. St Joseph’s Catholic Church is one of the old weatherboard churches that we have a lot of here in Tasmania. There used to be services there but I am not sure if there are many now as the church built a big new, modern church at Ranelagh to service the parishes of the Huon. There is a cemetery though and there are still burials there. It is located behind the school playground and there is no discernible boundary between the two.

Some of the graves, as I said, are quite recent. There are big black marble affairs, others are much older and made of stone with the lettering fading away and some are humble timber crosses hand-made by the families. Most of the new graves are quite well-kept with flowers on them but a few of the very old ones are vanishing back into the bush. There are gum trees all around and you can hear the birds, kookaburras, sometimes parrots and always crows who live amongst them. I am sure that if you were there at night you would see possums and wallabies. During the day you would be able to hear the laughter and shouts of children in the playground. I rather like the way that the playground and the cemetery are so close to each other.