Daily Prompt: The Gallopers

The Gallopers

Riding “The Gallopers”

via Daily Prompt: Carousel

Mum first took me on a merry-go-round on Clacton Pier when I was just a little girl. We always went to Clacton to visit my grandparents during the summer holidays and we usually had a visit to the pier while we were there.

We never went on a lot of rides, we were probably too young for some of them and probably mum did not have enough money for us to ride on everything but we always did the merry-go-round and I have liked them ever since.

Technically a carousel is a ride that only features horses while the ones with other types of animals or vehicles are Merry-Go-Rounds but I have not heard anyone use the term Merry-Go-Round in years.

The traditional fairground rides like carousels are not around as much these days. Not exciting enough for Millennials I suppose but there are several still operating in Australia.

We used to have a nice one in Hobart, it is called “The Gallopers” and was built in 1882. During the summer it would be brought to Hobart and erected on the waterfront for a few days after Christmas. I’d usually go for a ride and take some photos when I came to Hobart to photograph the Sydney Hobart race yachts. It hasn’t appeared for a couple of years and I had heard it was to be set up in the Botanical Gardens however, that scheme did not go ahead.

Late last year I heard that the carousel was to be sold at auction and now I have no idea where it is.

I think it a great shame it was not retained to be enjoyed by the people of Hobart and visitors.

You can read a post I wrote about carousels a couple of years ago here

The Gallopers

History of The Gallopers









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