Cee’s Which Way Challenge: 28 July 2017

Which Way Down The Highway

These photos were all taken on the stretch of the Huon Highway between my house and the turn off at Scotts Road which is the route you take to bypass Geeveston when travelling to Dover and the far south. Walking towards Geeveston you can see the local power substation which I live next door to and  the Catholic Primary School. On the other side there are open fields and a couple of houses.

There is no footpath, I have to walk on the verge and generally walk facing oncoming traffic as the speed limit changes from 80-100 km/h in this stretch and it is not uncommon for it to go a lot faster. As this is the main highway there are heavy log trucks and other vehicles but thankfully it is not an overly busy road as you have to take care when crossing because of the speeds cars are travelling at. There are no pedestrian crossings.

I used to walk this way to Geeveston regularly, now I don’t do it so much mainly because I don’t really enjoy walking on the road verges any more and I don’t like taking Cindy that way. The surfaces are a bit uneven. I have fallen once or twice in the past although luckily damaged nothing more than my pride.

The house on the highway.

I live next door to this.

The local catholic school.

No footpaths around here.

signage on a farm shed.

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