Snapshot Sunday:Vintage Car.

While I was out this morning I spotted this beautiful Ford Mustang on High Street near the pub. I imagine the driver had stopped for a break and a bite to eat as the pub has all day meals available. I loved the colour blue on this car. Isn’t this a great car.



3 thoughts on “Snapshot Sunday:Vintage Car.

  1. Hi Dennis, I hope to get more pics of vintage cars when I see them. I just love them. I’m having a friend to stay from the mainland so will be driving him around a lot. Hoping to catch more vintage cars in my travels. I was thrilled when I saw the Mustang.

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    • I don’t see vintage cars very often in my city but I saw a column of vintage cars once but at that time I was not into photography. I assume they do oldtimer meeting once in a year and crouse through the streets with their cool vintage cars 🙂 I would definitely press the shutter button in case I see them again. Good luck, I hope you can find more vintage cars to photograph. 🙂


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