Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Hallways


Hallways and corridors are not always the easiest places to take pictures. Often the lighting is not great and the nature of a hallway is that it may be full of people in transit from A to B while you are trying to photograph it. I recall that when we were in London many years ago David was attempting to take photos in a fancy arcade in Mayfair I think. He got me to stand behind him so that he would not be jostled while standing still in a crowded place. If I ever get around to scanning those photos I’ll post it on the blog.

Here is a photo I took back in 2015 when I was regularly going to the Royal Hobart Hospital to visit David. In order to reach his ward I had to go down this long corridor to reach the lifts. The corridor had several sets of these double doors and it immediately reminded me of that old TV show “Get Smart”. It was a bit of humour in a not very humourous situation. I think I took this photo of the “Get Smart” corridor for a challenge back then.

The “Get Smart” corridor.

Another old one from my “House and Garden” file. I took this in 2013 after we had new vinyl flooring laid. I had painstakingly pulled up the carpet myself, a job I don’t think I could do now. Or rather I could pull up the carpet but getting back up off the floor afterwards would be an issue.

Central passage at my house.

I  had forgotten about this photo that I took at the National Sports Museum in Melbourne in 2014. This is the cricket section and the hallway leading to the rest of the exhibit is laid out like a cricket pitch.

At the MCG Sports Museum in Melbourne.


Arcades are kind of hallways as they connect one area with another. I took this one in the arcade at the Salamanca Arts Centre. It is a favourite place of mine to take pictures because of the old buildings and arty shops. The second photo was taken in Wellington Square looking towards one of two small arcades that lead to Elizabeth Street shopping mall. I take quite a few photos around that area because it is near the large Argyle Street car park and therefore a convenient place to meet friends arriving in Hobart by car.

Salamanca Arts Centre arcade.

Arcade between Wellington Square and Elizabeth St Mall, Hobart




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