Bad Photo Monday:Waverly Depot

Today is Monday so time for another bad photo and a laugh at past mistakes. I found this one from my holiday snaps in 2012. We had a holiday in Sydney and while we were there we visited the tram museum. I looked around at all the scenary and the trams and got a few good photos but my album would not be complete without a decent picture of the cement pathway. Who wouldn’t want a photo of that. I also captured part of the sign so at least I will always know where I was when I got that shot.


Of course what I actually did was what I often seem to do and that was to put my finger on the button and accidently take a photo. Isn’t it a good thing we have digital cameras these days?


I came to Australia with my mother and sister Vanda in 1966 from the UK aboard the Sitmar liner Castel Felice. We settled in South Australia I lived in the western suburbs of Adelaide for most of my life. I became very interested in retro items in my twenties. It was always a dream of mine to have an old house and fill it with retro items. I have done it twice now. My main interest is collecting old things. They do not have to be valuable, only interesting. There is something reassuring about old retro items. I have all sorts of things including doll related items. My other interests are my beautiful pets, art and going for drives to who knows where. I also enjoy board games or doing a scenic jig saw puzzle on a wintry afternoon by the fire. My goal is to travel a bit more as there are some places I would love to see

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