Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Fire Truck’s, Fire Houses, Fire Hydrants

Fire Engines and Fire Stations

TheTFS, (Tasmania Fire Service) is a big part of the local community. As well as attending local fires at all hours the volunteer crews participate in community events like the Christmas parade, educate the public about bushfire safety and carry out burn offs or bushfire prone areas. The first few pictures were taken in Geeveston.

The old and the new. A modern fire engine at the Christmas parade in Geeveston  and the volunteers outside the fire station. The third photo is of a vintage truck I saw tucked away in an old apple shed on my walk the other week. The fourth one is the local radio station, Huon FM and is included because this building is the old Geeveston Fire Station. It is right next door to the new one. Since I took this photo a few years ago the building has been painted cream and looks a bit less like a fire station.

One of the fire engines in the parade.

The firies prepare. Geeveston Fire Station.

Old fire engine in a shed in Geeveston.

The former Geevestson Fire Station.

Meanwhile in Hobart:

The Hobart fire station is housed in this handsome building.

Hobart Fire Station

A vintage fire engine from Launceston at the Hobart Christmas parade.

The Firies

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