Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Gears and Engines

Gearing Up for a Challenge

I don’t have a lot of pictures of engines close up so I’ve chosen to show pictures of things that work with gears and pulleys although in most cases you can’t see the workings very well. Cable cars work on a system of gears and pulleys, railways in mountainous areas employ a rack and pinion system. The railway turntable works with gears.Racing yachts use winches and pulleys to raise and lower sails. ¬†Sometimes they are powered and sometimes they require some very strong crew members to operate them.

Cable car Wellington NZ

Cable car approaching the upper terminus.

The turntable at the West Coast Wilderness Railway’s Queenstown Station. The trains run on the ABT system on the steep section of the line . Cogs under the locomotive engage with a special rail with teeth.

The turntable at the Queenstown terminus of the West Coast Wilderness Railway

The loco running on the ABT system.


Winches on a race yacht

Here are a couple of other things that work with gears.

Water Wheel at QVMAG , Launceston

Vintage Crane, Hobart waterfront

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