Bad Photo Monday: Polly No-Eyes

A photo of Polly that did not quite work.

This week’s bad photo is one that did not quite work out. I wanted a photo of Polly  on the couch next to my laptop. I would have quite liked to have had her paw on the track pad but I thought getting her looking at the screen would have been near enough. Unfortunately you can’t see her eyes at all in this as the picture is a bit over exposed and her eyes were almost closed.

4 thoughts on “Bad Photo Monday: Polly No-Eyes

  1. I tried this quite often too but Shyna does only use the computer (laugh) when she sits on my lap in the evening while I do things on the computer. I should have my phone in reach to make a photo, because it’s cute. She is already bored by the keyboard, but there is a ball pen on the table, always at different positions and she always finds it and get the pen with the paws (laugh). It’s as if she wants to tell me “Yeah, yeah, I get it, you’re modern, but I am a classic writer!”. 😀

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  2. Panther and Tigerwoods like pens too. Panther is not interested in the computer but Tigerwoods will jump on my lap when I am trying to do something. Once he jumped on my keyboard and broke all the letters and numbers. I spent a while trying to get them all back in. They never were the same. He wasn’t even full grown then. I would hate for him to do it now.


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