Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Bathrooms or Outhouses


Dunnies and More

Before planning some new photos I checked my files to see what bathroom photos I already had. Funny the things you randomly photograph isn’t it?

A couple of years ago our public toilets in Geeveston needed to be renovated so some local folk had the idea of having a fundraiser. They called it “Flushing Away Winter”. This right royal dunny was on display for photographs but thankfully not in service. (Dunny is Australian slang for toilet).

The “gold-plated” toilet

As I have been obsessively photographing all the improvements made around the house I had naturally taken a photo when the toilet was renovated. The grab rails were put in for David although sadly he never got to use them.

After renovation, new tiles and grab rails.

This loo with a view is on Explorer of the Seas on Deck 11 just outside the Windjammer Buffet. I was amazed that a bathroom would have such a great view.

Loo with a View

This one was taken at Open House Hobart inside an apartment that was open to view.

Self Portrait in the bathroom mirror.


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