Rosehaven update 2 from Oatlands

Late Wednesday afternoon I braved the elements and went back to the Rosehaven set because they were doing a bit of exterior filming. This was cars arriving and then leaving the real estate office. I could not witness this close up as I had to stay on the other side of the road near the film crew but I did get a few more photos. It was very cold and windy but I stuck it out until they did at half past five. It was very dark by then and I must say I was in need of my heater and a hot cup of tea. Members of the crew I spoke to were happy to “Wrap things up” as they said. One of them told me they would be returning to Oatlands in about a month’s time. Meanwhile here are a few more photos I took. I didn’t get very many because it was rapidly getting dark.

C T Fish building as real estate office

C T Fish building done up as real estate office in Rosehaven. They were completing the interior filming

Real Estate office Rosehaven

The crew are getting ready for outdoor scenes of cars coming and going.

The film crew

This is a shot of the film crew. The man in black was in charge. They are set up on the lawns of the college. The large building seen in the background is the town hall.

Close up of the film crew

Film crew with one of the cameras


One of the cameramen. Sorry about this photo being grainy. I accidently bumped the picture selection off of auto.

Outside and one of the cars

Close up of window

Here is a close up of the shop window. Everything was very realistic

shop windows

Another shot of the windows. I was wondering about the advertised homes. How did they arrange to get this pictures?

Inside the office

This is a shot of inside. It’s not very good but it was quite difficult to get any good pictures because of the adverts on the windows, screening and timing.

A night shot of the office

Here is one last shot after they finished for the day. They are putting the last of their equipment away.

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