Rosehaven update from Oatlands

Hello everyone. This morning filming started at number 70 High Street. This shop is being used as the real estate agents in the Rosehaven series. I went out early to see if I could take any photos. They are filming indoors today. There are big screens wrapped around the buildings so you can’t see inside. I was told I might be able to get some shots through the windows on Thursday so I will try to do that. This morning I had to make do with the exteriors of the building. There were a couple of the usual guys in orange jackets making sure pedestrians watched their step and didn’t get in the way of anything. They were nice young guys and happy to chat but couldn’t tell me a great deal of what was happening. There is some information if the brochure I posted the other day however. They were happy for me to take my photos and Toby and Teddy got a fuss made over them. I thought I would share what I did get this morning.

Rosehaven outside the set.

This is the shop set up for filming today.

Rosehaven set

Taken from across the street.

Rosehaven set from north side of High Street

Norhern side of the shop.

Rosehaven rubbish bin

This rubbish bin is part of the set.

Rosehaven outside the set 2

Gear set up for lighting


Rosehaven real estate sign

Real Estate signage



Rosehaven bench

This bench is one of two being used in the street scenes


Rosehaven sign

I liked this sign.


Rosehaven crew's camp on Gay Street Oatlands

Crew’s Area in Gay Street Oatlands






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