Bad Photo Monday : Weird Eyes

An annoying problem when taking pet photos.

I am sure most of you have seen this problem before. Red eye is bad enough but green eye looks downright weird as well.  Usually I either delete these or fix them in the photo editor. The only reason I took this photo of Cindy was because my laptop was knocked over and when I recovered it I found that my SD card, still in the reader  from the previous editing session looked bent. I was afraid it would not work any more so I put it back in the camera just to take this photo so I could upload it.

Thankfully although it was hard to get it out of the camera after the card is still readable. However with a noticeable bend in it I will retire it as soon as I can get another one. Luckily it was almost full anyway. I also took the precaution of backing up the card so that if it does fail I have all my original pictures as well as the edited ones.

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