Snapshot Sunday

Vanda and I had a lovely day out in Hobart. We spent most of it happily walking around the waterfront. The weather was with us and there was plenty going on. We saw everything from ships leaving the harbour to Darth Vader on a Segway scooter thingy. Too bad I didn’t get a photo of him for today. I did get some very nice photos of other things and here are a couple of them. The mother of these little girls said I could take a few photos of these little fairies who were going to a very special party.

Little Girls Dressed as Fairies

These little girls were going to a fairy party. Here they are at the entrance to their special event


Here are the little girls all dressed up for the party. They kindly let me photograph them

3 thoughts on “Snapshot Sunday

  1. I like your new layout. I just re-read your “human59” that is on the same page. I love retro items, too, and even something like an old cinnamon tin from the 30’s-40’s excites me. PS The little girls are darling. I always hesitate to ask anyone if I can take their photo.

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    • I love my retro world and collecting retro stuff is my main interest. We are hoping to start a retro blog next year on a new page. Please keep watching for news. I am shy about asking to take photos too but I really wanted this shot. Thanks for your comments. I enjoy hearing from others.

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      • I would rather look at fewer blogs and take my time to comment than to just whisk through a bunch of them. Even though WordPress has fantastic people on it. A retro blog sounds great!!! Good luck with it.

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