Rosehaven Series Two

I’m quite excited to hear that the a new series of ABC comedy series “Rosehaven” is being filmed in Tasmania. The production crew will be in Geeveston in a couple of weeks to do some location filming.

I hope that this time I’ll be able to get into town and take some photos although I’m told by friends who were around on the filming days that the crew pretty much kept to themselves unlike Naomi’s experience with the crew from “The Nightingale”.

I also read that both seasons of Rosehaven will be available to be viewed in the USA via Sundance TV  so you will get get to see some pretty bits of Tasmania including Geeveston, bits of Franklin and New Norfolk






2 thoughts on “Rosehaven Series Two

  1. What era do they live in. I don’t watch anything on the ABC so don’t know this show since I hardly ever turn the telly on anymore.


    • It is present day Tasmania and the humour is a little odd sometimes but I quite enjoyed it last year although the guy is so awkward he is hard to watch sometimes. It was fun to see Geeveston and New Norfolk on TV and recognise the places.


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