Bad Photo Monday

I didn’t have to work last Friday but I did have to work Saturday and Sunday as well as this morning. Every morning has been dark and cold and that sure gives me a dose of the Monday Blues. To make matters worse the boss was back from her week off. That sure went quick too. ” I want to shoot shoot shoot the whole day down” Well the only fun way to do that is to get out with the camera and use that to shoot the whole day down. Who remember’s The Boomtown Rats” They weren’t really my thing but I always think of that song on Mondays when I have to go to work. Ok so here is my “Bad Photo” for this Monday. I was trying to get a nice picture of some magpies I saw while in Evandale.

Magpie Attempt 1

Walking too fast! He’s not in the centre of the photo.

Magpie Attempt 2

I missed him again. This time he’s walked out of the photo.

Magpie Attempt 3

A different maggie but he’s turned his back on me.

Magpie Attempt 4

I finally got a decent shot. He flew away after this one. The magpies were teasing me like anything.

3 thoughts on “Bad Photo Monday

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