Snapshot Sunday

To keep me motivated I will attempt to post photos and blogs on a regular basis. I had almost forgotten about Snapshot Sunday. I didn’t take any pictures today because I worked all day today and all day yesterday. The weather wasn’t the best for getting out after work and it gets dark really early. That’s my excuse anyway. It’s true in fact! Yes really. What was I going to post for today? I decided to go back over photos saved on the little cards I use in my camera and find a favourite picture I had taken before and not used yet. Here’s what I chose.


This is the Luna Park face and the entrance to the amusement park in Sydney. Nothing like a happy face to make you smile.

This is the main entrance to Luna Park in Sydney Australia. This is a favourite photo of mine and I love the Luna Park face because it makes me smile and feel happy. check out those dentures. I wonder what toothpaste he uses. Wonder White comes to mind!

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