My Bargain Centre Finds

As dark clouds loomed over Oatlands I decided I was better off spending the day indoors. I had errands to do so I could not avoid going out even for a little while. I needed power for the week end and one or two grocery items I had forgotten to buy. There were a few spots of rain as I walked home but that did not stop me going in The Bargain Centre. The Bargain Centre is an opportunity shop much like the one Vanda works in. Although this one is quite small it does have a good variety of goods including clothing, books, china, DVD’s, pot plants, toys and many other bits and pieces.

I met one or two people that I know from the town so I had a bit of a chat and then carried on with my browsing. The Bargain Centre is only two doors down from my house so not far to go even if it’s raining. It’s looks like it’s going to snow remarked one local. Still it was nice and warm in the shop as they had a good heater warming things up. I wandered over to the plants and then the DVD’s and then to the china and ornaments on the shelves. Usually it’s all fairly modern stuff but today I was lucky enough to find a few vintage items for my retro kitchen collection. I picked up three items for six dollars the lot. I go in there every few weeks or so as you never know what you are going to find.


A chip cutter, steam pudding pot and a metal stand

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