Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: glasses, cups, saucers

Glasses, Cups, Saucers

I was so pleased to see this challenge as it gave me an excuse to show off some of my vintage china. I love old things and have been collecting vintage household items for years. For this challenge I am going to show you some of my English bone china tea cups, my beautiful Royal Albert dinner set , my seventies stacking mugs and last but not least some vintage glasses. Some of you might think they are sexist. I am sorry in advance if anyone does not approve of these and is offended. I always thought they were rather interesting myself.

Royal Albert

Moonlight Rose by Royal Albert

Vintage tea setting

Here are some of my vintage tea cups. Anyone for High Tea?

More vintage tea cups

There is nothing more relaxing than a good cuppa and a chat with people you love.

Stacking Mugs

I won most of these mugs on the sideshows in the 1970’s. They were a very common sight at the breakfast table and at morning and afternoon tea.

Vintage Glasses

Vintage Lady Glasses. When you turn these around the elegant ladies are in their underwear.


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