A Snowy Day in Oatlands Tasmania

Naomi’s entry for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Hot and/or Cold

These are some pictures I took here in Oatlands about two years ago in winter. I love the snow but we only get it in our town when it’s forecast down to 300 metres. Things I love about the snow are watching the little snowflakes fall to the ground, making a snowman, seeing it decorate the nearby mountains and buildings in the town. I love seeing it draped over all the trees and plants. I love the footprints left behind by birds and animals and even making my own. It’s sad when it melts away because we only get it once or twice a year in town. Here are some pictures from the winter of 2015.

3 thoughts on “A Snowy Day in Oatlands Tasmania

    • I felt quite cold myself remembering my walk to take those pictures. I could hardly see where I was going at one point and my hands were freezing. Worth it though. Thanks for liking.


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