Share Your World 2017 – Week #21

Sharing My World This Week

What is the most famous landmark or building you have ever seen?

Well, I have seen Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament in London. I’ve seen the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I’ve seen Uluru. I’ve seen St Basil’s Cathedral and The Kremlin in Moscow and Tiananmen Square in Beijing and I’ve seen a bit of The Great Wall of China. I’m not sure which of these is the most famous, they are all iconic. They say you can see The Great Wall of China  from space so although this is probably not true maybe that is the most famous.


The Great Wall of China at Jinshanling-edit.jpg
By Severin.stalder, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link


Do you like long vacation or lots of mini-vacations?

I used to like long vacations best. Australia is big and a long way from everywhere else so it seemed to me that it was better to have a longer trip and see more because I might not get back again for a while. I still think that to a certain extent. I like to see a place properly not just have a short guided tour. In fact I really prefer independent travel to organised tours because I feel the more people you travel with the more compromises you have to make.

However, having said all that I now feel that where once I’d have loved to have spent 3 months or more away from home travelling now I would miss the comforts of home and my pets, especially Cindy as she is getting old.

I do enjoy a long weekend away but I feel a week or two weeks is a good length for a proper holiday at home, two to three if it is overseas.

What is your favorite National or State Park?

Tasmania has a lot of National Parks that I have not yet visited. The nature of National Parks means that you can’t usually visit them on public transport and that is all I have to rely on.

Old log belair national park.jpg
By PeripitusOwn work, CC BY 3.0, Link

When I was young I used to enjoy visiting Belair National Park near Adelaide. You actually could go there by train as the local suburban trains stopped nearby and there was even a National Park station further up the line. The main reason I liked it was because there were nice picnic areas and being from the suburbs it was nice to see birds and wildlife in their natural habitat.

Sydney also has a National Park you can access by train from the city.

What is your fantasy vacation?

I have so many! A recurring one is to travel through Europe by train. As a teenager I read books about girls who travelled to places like Switzerland and Germany and I longed to do the same. I would love to start in Amsterdam (in tulip season of course) and take the train through Holland and Germany on through the Swiss Alps and perhaps on to northern Italy. The girl in one of my stories stayed at Locarno in Switzerland so that would be a place I would want to see. My books were written in the fifties so of course Europe is a very different place but the descriptions of the old towns and the mountains always appealed to me. The icing on my fantasy cake would be to finish the trip with a Rhine cruise to see the castles and a side trip to the Black Forest in Germany where one of my other stories was set. This trip appeals to me both from a nostalgia and rail travel point of view.

4390502Image result for black forest summer mabel esther allan

Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

I am grateful not to be surrounded by furniture from other rooms as the painter has now finished. I still have rooms to paint myself but this will be one at a time and less disruptive. This weekend I’m off to Melbourne for my friend Gillian’s 60th birthday. We will be visiting the Puffing Billy Railway which I haven’t been on for over twenty years and we’ll be having a birthday lunch of course.


Author: Taswegian1957

Born in England in 1957 my family came to Australia in 1966. I grew up in Adelaide, South Australia, where I met and married my husband David. We came together over a mutual love of trains. Both of us worked for the railways for many years, his job was with Australian National Railways, while I spent 12 years working for the STA, later TransAdelaide the Adelaide city transit system. After leaving that job I worked in hospitality until 2008. We moved to Tasmania in 2002 to live in the beautiful Huon Valley. David passed away in 2015 and I'm here on my own now but I have Cindy the dog and Polly the cat to keep me company. I currently co-write two Wordpress blogswith my sister Naomi. Our doll blog "Dolls, Dolls, Dolls", and a "Our Other Blog" which is about everything else but with a focus on photographs and places in Tasmania.

5 thoughts on “Share Your World 2017 – Week #21”

  1. You visited some very interesting places. Despite all the political drama that happens between nations again today, I’d like to visit Russia and China too. St. Petersburg for example would be possible with a cruise ship, because we have some cruise ships in Kiel and Hamburg with different interesting routes through the Baltic Sea and that head for multiple cities during the cruise. I’d like to travel by ship, the only fact that I don’t like is that those cruise liners are basically commercial zones over the water surface (laugh), but I think I would try my best to feed myself in the cities during the stops to save money. There are interesting routes from Northern Germany like Oslo-Stockholm-Helsinki-St.Petersburg-Gdanskt(old Danzig) or other variations and city routes like London or [insert any northern city]. On the otherside, I do agree, I always prefered a longer stay in a country. It was always fun when we travelled to France, because we usually spend six weeks holidays there. So, hopping from one city to another and just having a day of time per city with a cruse liner sounds like stress to me anyhow. China would be my fantasy holiday. I like that they have deepest nature, or in the cities these old and interesting looking temples or other architecture. I am not too much into architecture, but asian architecture is pure art, visually stunning. But asian tourists do stand as excited in front of our buildings like the Holsten Gate, as I would stand in front of a temple, hehe.

    Australia looks so interesting too, especially the nature, but I am sure as someone who doesn’t know something there, I would get eaten by a crocodile during a hike (laugh). But it’s fantasy anyway… both Australia and China or places like Vietnam and so would not be possible because I have my issues with flying in a airbus as I mentioned often 😀 Also the Australian or Chinese heat would be a bit over the top for a Northern German soul 🙂 I would definitely fight with the heat. I do already battle with our summers sometimes since the climate seems to change.

    I probably told you already since we spoke about these things a couple of times already, but I can suggest you Amsterdam. This is an underrated place, because when I was there, it seemed to be the Venice of the North. They have so much channels (Grachts) there, it was a beautiful experience. That was one of my holidays where I would have preferred to stay much longer. Germany has so many interesting places that every German citizens didn’t even see 10% of it, if at all. The experiences usually mix up by tales… a friend for example has seen Bavaria, while I have never been there. I did however see Thuringia and he didn’t see it. You’re fantasy bucket list looks fine, I hope a wonder happens and we can go through our lists. If money would not be a problem, I wouldn’t even have to fly to Asia, I would just travel by ship, around Africa, or through the Suez channel, that would be cool 🙂 I admire old seafarer, imagine how it must have been to set for unknown places, much more dangerous than today, but still an interesting thought.

    I could dream on, but my comment is already way too long to read… it’s easy to get lost when you start to think about places to see. Just one last point… good point with the cat! That will be an issue in my case too if I want to travel.


    1. I’ve seen some really interesting looking Baltic cruises that I’d love to do if I could afford to. I do enjoy cruising but I agree that one day in each port is not enough. I would look on those days as “tasters” and just try to do a couple of things that I really wanted to do rather than rushing about trying to do it all. It is actually cheaper to eat on the ship as most meals are included in your fare but part of the fun of travel is trying the local food. I loved cruising New Zealand but I don’t consider that I have now “done” New Zealand. I just know I need to go back and spend more time there.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I didn’t know that food and drinks are included. I browsed Aida a few minutes ago to check this out and it seems they have dinner times where you can eat in some restaurants for free plus drink. But it seems some are free, some not and it’s about times. Anyway, that is already a big plus… then it’s possible to do research when and where to eat, to get through it without much extra costs.


      2. I have only been on Royal Caribbean but I think most of the cruise lines do similar that meals but not drinks are included . The ones you pay for are usually specialty restaurants but still not that expensive. About $US 30 for a two or three course steak dinner is not bad.

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