Snapshot Sunday – Garden Visitors

I was very surprised this morning to look out the kitchen window and see four ducks wandering around in the back garden. I was even more surprised when I came home from the Op Shop at 3:30 pm and they were still there. I think they may belong to a neighbour as I have never had wild ducks in my garden in fifteen years of living here.
I had no objection to them hanging out for a while but I needed to let Cindy outside so the duckies had to go. I opened the back gate and shooed them out. The last I saw they were marching up the driveway, making no attempt to fly away.

5 thoughts on “Snapshot Sunday – Garden Visitors

    • Isn’t it? My visitors are usually much smaller. I’ve had Green Rosellas and I often get finches and wrens as well as the sparrows and starlings of course. Oh and the plover family who seem to live in my driveway.

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      • The only bird I do not like is the huge ravens that make messes all over the place. Singly, they are gorgeous, but in flocks, their calls, their flight overhead and their poop annoy me. The odd thing is when I was a child, there were no ravens in San Francisco. I don’t know how they got here, but they have multiplied to the point of being an urban irritation.


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