Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: S & T

S & T

The Letter S

  1. Ship in bottle
  2. Shirley Temple (S and T)

This ship in a bottle was made by David’s great grandfather who was a sailor and passed down through the family. David’s father gave it to him many years ago and it had pride of place in our living room until last spring when I took it back to Adelaide so that it could remain in the family and hopefully be passed on to another generation.

Shirley Temple is a composition doll that Naomi and I bought last year between us, she was quite expensive. I was pleased to realise that Shirley is an S and a T so perfect for this challenge.

Ship in a bottle

Shirley Temple doll circa 1934.


The Letter T

  1. Towel Animal
  2. Tigerwoods
  3. Teddy
  4. Toby

I didn’t realise towel animals were a thing until we booked on our cruise. This was the first one that was made for us and is meant to be a rat but the big ears reminded us of Naomi’s dog Toby.

Toby is featured in this next set of photos of Naomi’s pets along with  her other dog Teddy and Tigerwoods her tabby cat. And no, we are not interested in golf.

A Towel Rat

7 thoughts on “Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: S & T

    • We found Shirley in an antique shop. They were reorganising the store and she was in a random pile of items. We were so worried she would get broken that we spoke to the store owner. She was very expensive so we walked away but we both felt anxious about her survival so in the end my sister went back and put her on layby and we paid for her over three months.


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