Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge- Sky


As is usual these days most of my photography is done close to home. The first one is one of a series I took recently during a forest regeneration burn. Although I don’t like the smoke you do get spectacular sunset and cloud formations in these conditions. The next one was taken during the spring one day when I spied a helicopter flying low over my place. I was lucky that it was a bright day and  it stood out well against the blue sky. Most of the choppers we see down here are either something to do with forestry or as in this case the electricity authority inspecting the power lines from above. Occasionally the rescue helicopter comes down to transport an urgent case to the hospital in Hobart too.

Sun through smoke tinged clouds.

A helicopter against blue sky

These last three were taken in my back garden this afternoon. A fine autumn afternoon and no burns going on anywhere nearby. The sun was low in the sky and the moon was rising at around 4:30 pm.

An interesting cloud formation.

Moon rise

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