Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Q & R

Q & R

The Letter Q

It would be hard to avoid a Queen of some kind while doing Q. I have two, Victoria and Elizabeth. Today’s editing was done with Adobe Photoshop Elements just for a change except for the featured image. I added a warming yellow filter to the Hobart picture which was taken several years ago and was not anything out of the ordinary as a colour photo. I think I actually like this version better.

  1. Queen Victoria Statue – Sydney
  2. Queen Elizabeth Pier – Hobart
  3. Queen Victoria cruise ship -Sydney

Queen Victoria statue , Sydney

Queen Elizabeth Pier, Hobart

Cunard’s Queen Victoria in Sydney 2016.


The Letter R

  1. Railway Station
  2. Rivercat

The photo of Central Railway station was taken in 2012. It was evening and it came out with a strong orange tint to it because of the lighting. I quite liked the effect but it does look good in black and white. Central is now being renovated which no doubt means that it will be very modern next time I see it and its beautiful features will be hidden.

Central Railway Station Sydney.

The Rivercat is a fast ferry that runs on from Circular Quay in Sydney to Parramatta on the Parramatta River. It’s an enjoyable journey although when we went it was the only cold, wet afternoon of a week that had been way too hot for me.

Rivercat Ferry which runs from Sydney to Parramatta.

4 thoughts on “Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Q & R

  1. Interestingly different Queen Victoria statue to mine. I’m always photographing Railway stations so it’s nice to see someone else’s for a change πŸ™‚ Nice selection for the challenge.


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