Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Winter-Water


Winter is not quite here yet so here are some photos of winters past.

I remember this day quite well even though it was nine years ago. It was a fine Sunday, the first day of June which most Australians consider the start of winter. David and I decided to go for a drive to enjoy the weather and take some photos. I took this one somewhere along the Huon, somewhere near Lymington on the Channel Highway I think. That is on the opposite bank of the river  to us so we had to drive north to Huonville to cross the bridge before going south again. The photo was taken with the little Kodak digital camera I had at the time and I have since cropped it as I did not know how to stop the date from appearing on the picture back then.

Huon River, first day of winter . 1 Jun 2008

The next three photos were taken during the big snow of August 2015. We do get snow in Tasmania but not the amounts that some of you get every winter in the northern hemisphere. This was heavy snow for us. I snapped the photo from the bus window on one of my  trips to Hobart to visit David in hospital that winter. The buses were actually unable to run for a  day or so but as soon as the main road was cleared they started again. It was a slow trip but I felt much safer on the bus with its big wide tyres than in a car.

A snowy day August 2015

Southern Outlet Hobart in winter

The Southern Outlet, the main route to Hobart on a snowy morning.

Incident on the Southern Outlet,.

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