Gray Must Be The New Black

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Gray, or grey as I usually spell it is a neutral shade that I had no objection to seeing until it started turning up everywhere.

I can see the sense in using neutrals in decorating and in fashion but in decor particularly interior designers seem to have become obsessed with grey.

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These days when something becomes popular on television everyone seems to jump on the bandwagon regardless of their own taste or perhaps because some people feel that they have to follow trends. I don’t know.

I have been spending a lot of time browsing real estate listings and grey is becoming the predominant colour that home interiors are being painted. I consider this a modern look and I don’t like it when it is used on an old home. Some houses have been completely repainted in grey even the kitchen. It feels as if all the character has been washed out of the home.Image result for minimalist living room ideas

I understand that this style is called minimalist. It makes me feel depressed. If I were to find a house that I really liked and it was painted entirely in grey the first thing I would have to do would be to repaint it.

Recently I had my own house repainted on the outside. I chose a neutral cream colour for the weatherboard similar to what it had before but I wanted a bit of colour on the window sills and when the painter gave me a paint chart I marked a colour called Manor Red. I obviously did not mark it clearly enough and came home one day to find all my sills had been painted grey! At one time I probably would have shrugged that off but the recent outbreak of greyness everywhere made me determined that not a drop of grey paint would touch my home. I called the painter and had him repaint the sills so all was well.


4 thoughts on “Gray Must Be The New Black

  1. Mum had a grey kitchen/dining in the house they built in Smitham St. Eliz Grove. She hated it after a year or two and had to brighten it up with some burnt orange curtains.


    • I had grey blue walls in the living room at Hallett Cove. Didn’t mind a bit of grey here and there but now you see entire houses, old ones like mine done out in it. It certainly is not a kitchen colour for me.


  2. Grey just screams for something to brighten it up. I love grey as a basic but it must be worn with some colour. In the home? I’ve never tried grey but guess it could work with lots of added colour.


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