Security: Be it ever so humble


 House  March 2017

My home is my castle, it is the place that I feel safe and happy. I love to travel but I could not live out of a suitcase. I like knowing that eventually I will come home to sleep in my own bed with my favourite things around me.

I enjoy being out and about and mixing with other people but I look forward to coming home where I can put my feet up and just enjoy some down time.

Some people buy and sell homes for fun or profit. They don’t put down roots. I do.

Others will risk their home for the sake of another dream. I couldn’t do that.

Many people today may never know the joy of owning a home of their own. I feel sad for them.

I might not have a lot of money and my home is no mansion but as long as I have it I know that I will be OK.



via Photo Challenge: Security

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