Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Spring – Wood

Spring – Wood

It is autumn here in Australia so you would not think there would be any spring like pictures to take but tell that to my daffodils. The silly things have started coming up already. I have ordered new bulbs to plant for spring and they are not even here yet! At the rate they are going I could have daffodils for my birthday next month.

Unseasonal daffodil shoots


There is never any shortage of wood around here though. My pergola is made of new timber.  My shed is quite old and may once have been an apple pickers hut. A lot of local people bought them for sheds when the  old orchards closed. Then there is the firewood stacked in the shed. I don’t use my wood fire any more but I keep some firewood just in case there is a power cut.

Wooden beams on the pergola.

Stacked firewood

My garden shed may once have been an apple pickers hut.

3 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Spring – Wood

  1. How funny that your daffies are trying to come up in Autumn! Ours are just now fading in favor of cherry blossoms and other springtime delights here in Virginia, USA.


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