Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge – Any Camera or Photographer

David’s Camera Collection

For this week’s challenge I’m sharing pictures of some old camera’s that were part of David’s collection. For some years they have lived in a cabinet in our shed and sadly that has not done some of them a lot of good. I’m bringing them in now to give them a dust before packing them away as I intend to get rid of the cabinet in the near future.

Some are old and interesting, some have significance because they were ones we or family members used to use. Some of these images looked almost monochrome when I took them but I have used the B&W and Sepia filters as well. Although this is a photo challenge post I thought it would be interesting to include the links to more information about the cameras too.

The Kodak No. 1 pocket camera first introduced in 1926. People obviously had bigger pockets then.

Duraflex twin lens camera

Duaflex twin lens camera

The Kodak Duaflex was made from 1947-60. There were four models so I need to examine this one a bit more to see which one it is. I think it may be the first one. It took 620 film which produced square photos.

Koni Omega Rangefinder

Koni-Omega Medium Format Rangefinder

This Koni-Omega was always one of my favourites of David’s cameras. He told me that it was a press camera. It is bigger than my DSLR and weighs a ton. This camera dates from the 1950s.

Agfamatic 200

My old Agfamatic 200

I really liked my Agfamatic 200 . I can’t remember now whether I bought this one or if David gave it to me before we were married. We both had Agfamatics in the mid to late 1970s when we were dating and travelling on steam train trips or catching trains to country towns most weekends. They were simple cameras but cheap enough for a teenager to use and the instamatics fuelled my interest in photography until I “graduated” to an SLR in the 1980s.

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