Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Inner and Outer

Inner and Outer

This time I thought that I would use some of the photos that I have taken with my Samsung tablet  for the challenge. I don’t use the tablet for photography all the time but I find it very handy for taking record shots of the house and garden as well as when I just want a quick photo of something. I don’t own a smart phone but I imagine that I use it in much the same way.

This package turned up for me recently. It is a vintage washing machine for my doll’s house. I thought the box was so ridiculously large that I took a picture so you could see what was inside it.

Brimtoy washing machine

My vintage toy washing machine and the box it came in.

I bought these two small dolls recently as well. Here you can see them inside their packaging. I took the little girl out to compare her in size to another doll.



Of course you could not have an Inner and Outer challenge without pictures of cats inside things so here we are. These are older ones taken with my camera.

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