Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Good and Bad

Good and Bad

For several years now I’ve been taking before and after pictures of my house as things have been improved. I have shared a lot of them, especially the garden but this batch really is the good, the bad and the downright ugly.

It is not good when your bathroom floor is made of some porous material. It’s worse when you start to see cracks in the tiles and worst of all when one day you are about to step out of the shower and go straight through the floor. That happened to me several years ago and despite me warning David not to use the shower he tried to step over the hole and the same thing happened to him. Funny on television but not in real life. A bathroom renovation was required so not only did we get a new floor but a new larger shower  and lovely new tiles.

Our toilet and laundry have concrete floors and the one in the toilet was getting badly pitted and looked horrible. One awful day when David first got ill he got stuck in there unable to get off the toilet. I had to call a friend to help us and he had to take the door off its hinges in order to get David out. After that we just had a curtain there for a few months until I could get the renovation done. Sadly David never got to see this except in photos. It is now much easier to clean too.

Some of the dolls I bring home look pretty bad too. Here are a couple of  examples. the first one belongs to me. First you can see her as she was when I found her and later with a new outfit. Next are a couple of dolls I brought home from the Op Shop to tidy up and redress. The first one had been given whiskers with a marker pen. I managed to get most of it off.  Today I went to the shop for a couple of hours to help out another volunteer and got the fright of my life when I picked up a doll and was confronted with this scary blue face. He was destined for the bin but I felt sure I could get the marks off. It was something water based and a good wash with dish washing liquid did the trick. He still looks cross though.

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