Tempted by eBay


How many times do I say it?  “I have really got to stay off eBay for a while.”

I am  a doll collector and  love to hunt around markets and antique shops but eBay brings me closer to items that I would never see normally.

Without eBay my doll collection would be much smaller. It was a fairly new thing when I started to use it in 1998, eBay Australia had not yet begun and I signed on to the US site. I thought it was fantastic. Suddenly I could buy dolls that I had always wanted as a child. I could buy dolls even if they were in the USA or England as well as dolls in other parts of Australia.

Of course it can be expensive; vintage items are not always cheap. You have to look for value for money as shipping costs and exchange rates have become major issues over the years.

So every now and again I declare a ban on eBay purchases for a while but it never lasts long. I like to use eBay to identify dolls  so inevitably I log in anyway “Just to look”. Inevitably there will be a Barbie outfit that I’ve wanted for ages, a Pedigree doll at a great price or some other doll related item that I can’t live without and I’ve succumbed to temptation again.

Some of my doll collection.

Some of my doll collection.

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