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Map of the world coloured by type of plug used.png
By Taken with full permission from Electricity around the world by Conrad H. McGregor.
Resized (50%) and converted to PNG by User:Chameleon.
See Talk:Mains power plug for full information., Public Domain, Link

This evening as I was checking my blogs I noticed that WordPress had included the Google Translate feature in the Widget menu. I know that many people who read both my blogs have English as a second language so incorporating this widget into them seemed like a great idea.

Take a look on the top right hand corner of the sidebar of each blog and you will see a drop down box with the Google logo. It will translate this blog into many languages.  I checked it out and was fascinated to see how my doll blog looks in Japanese!


4 thoughts on “Google Translate Widget

  1. I have read the news on the WordPress blog. I would have much prefered it if they would have offer us a feature that would allow us to write different language versions of our posts, and a language menu that allows us to link to these versions. I’d be ok with just offering the languages I know, that would mean writing the posts in German and English. I would give French a try too as I experienced that writing is actually a good way to get back to a language, beside learning the grammar and so.
    Of course it would be more work, and I definitely wouldn’t translate my excisting content, but I would probably write different versions for my future content. Maybe I would also translate my most read content, the tutorials and so.

    I don’t like Google translate that much and decided not to activate it on my blog. I have read the German version of your post, and while I can understand some paragraphs, there were a lot of sentences that didn’t make sense at all. I never used the feature on other websites either, I did usually look for informations that were either written in English or German, but not translated by a machine. I believe in technology, but there is still a long way until machines can really translate content.


      • It will probably not hurt to let it enabled, people are aware that it’s Google translate and not written by a human. I would be concerned about search engine marketing, but since the feature comes from Google, I am pretty sure that they don’t de-value sites that use their own translate service. That means you most likely don’t have to worry about search engine trouble with this feature.

        Also many people commented on the news that they like the feature. I think I am a bit picky. I also have a problem with it when I mention explicitly in my bio under each of my posts that my native language is German, and then I don’t want to have a Google translated German text on my site. I think that’s my main reason not to activate it.

        I made this suggestion and told this WordPress, but I guess they will not listen unless tons of people demand the same feature. Because, I could imagine to offer Google translate on my site, but I definitely would want to translate the German version of my text content on my own 🙂


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