Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge

Which Way At The Airport

Airport’s are great places to do which ways and as I had plenty of time during my layover in Melbourne recently I went looking for some for this post. One thing you can find plenty of at an airport is signs. Signs that tell you where to go and when, maps, warnings and of course advertising signs.

The colourful map of the Sydney rail system caught my eye. Strangely I did not see one of Melbourne perhaps because they don’t yet have a rail link to the airport. I don’t know what airports elsewhere are like but I did not raise an eyebrow wandering around with my camera, not even near the doors with the “keep out” signs.

This part of the airport houses Gates 1-10 and only about half of them were busy. I ventured up to Gate 10 and it was deserted. Gates 11 -22 are on the other side of the terminal and I could not be bothered going out and back through security again to see what I thought was probably more or less the same.

I watched a few planes taxiing out to the runway and now I understand what those little circles on the tarmac are for.

Apron Domestic Terminal Melbourne

On the Apron.

3 thoughts on “Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge

  1. The photo that was most striking to me was the “In Emergency Press to Open” I really like that photo because of the question it leaves: open what?


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