Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Commercial or Industrial Buildings

Commercial and Industrial Buildings

Port Adelaide

I’ve taken a lot of photographs around “The Port” over the years. It’s an old area and gradually being redeveloped so I am constantly expecting the old buildings to be gone or changed beyond recognition every time I visit. Some of the changes I’ve seen are good, some make me both angry and sad. These photos were taken not only on my most recent trip but on two previous visits with David.

converted wharf shed Port Adelaide

A converted wharf shed now houses a weekend market.

The building in the photo above was once a warehouse and when the waterfront was redeveloped as a shopping and leisure precinct back in the eighties or nineties it was converted to be used as a market shed. We had a lot of good times browsing in there. The market is still running but I’m told that it may be shifted to another site and the shed redeveloped as restaurants and bars. Β I took the picture for my “Before It’s Too Late” category as I may not see it in its present form again. The next few were taken on an earlier visit around five years ago when David and I were visiting family.

St Vincents Chambers, Port Adelaide

St Vincent’s Chambers are office buildings and shops. Taken in April 2012.

Commercial Road, Port Adelaide

Commercial Road, Port Adelaide

An interesting shop front at Port Adelaide.

An interesting shop front at Port Adelaide.

David and I both loved the old Wool Stores around Port Adelaide, asΒ it was a busy working port there are lots of old warehouses and I thought that by now some would be gone or converted to apartments but so far it hasn’t happened. The main reason I can think of for that is that they are probably full of asbestos which is expensive to remove. Here is one I took in 2011.

Old warehouses in Port Adelaide.

Old warehouses in Port Adelaide.


24 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Commercial or Industrial Buildings

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  2. Congratulations, on being featured on Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. Your pictures are lovely. I’m going to be in Australia in Dec.-Jan. visiting my blogging friends Carol, theeternaltraveler and Leanne Cole. I’m looking forward to seeing your beautiful country for the first time. πŸ™‚


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