Snapshot Sunday – Explorer

Antarctic Explorers

Antarctic Explorers

You must all be getting tired of my excuses about the rain but really it has been one of the wettest October’s since I moved to Tasmania. When you don’t have a car it makes going out to take pictures very difficult so as I have once again failed to get out and take any new photos here is an old one taken on the Hobart waterfront in sunnier  times.

2 thoughts on “Snapshot Sunday – Explorer

  1. I completely understand. Our October has been really rainy too. Looking back through my journals, I think we’ve only had three sunny days all month. Here’s to sunnier days ahead!

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  2. Well, I see it the same, you can still use these days to go through your library, I do it all the time if I didn’t go out shooting for a while. Not only because of the weather, but sometimes there are so busy weeks that there is only time to create small blogposts, but not the time to go outside to take new pictures. I’d say don’t worry 🙂 It would be too sad if we wouldn’t also use our older photos.

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