Good Times

David at Port Huon 2014

David at Port Huon 2014

One of the things that David and I enjoyed was going for a drive together. Sometimes we had a plan, where we would go and what we would do, other times we just picked a direction. David always carried a camera in the car, he was old school and still using film cameras long after I’d switched to a digital camera.

After I started this blog I would sometimes ask him if we could go for a drive so I could take photos of something or other. Every year for about five years we would go for a drive along the Channel Highway when the scarecrow competition was being held and David would stop the car every time I spotted one I wanted to photograph. When I said that I wanted to photograph the apple blossoms he happily drove me around the orchards till I got the pictures I wanted.

On our last couple of visits to Adelaide we drove around the back roads of Port Adelaide photographing the old wool stores and other buildings we feared would be demolished or “yuppified”.

Another former wool store in Port Adelaide

Another former wool store in Port Adelaide

He liked to take back roads and over the years he explored a lot of places in the Huon Valley on his own. If he found a spot he thought I would like he would take me there later. I’m a little nervous about going up and down steep hills in a car but the views were always worth it.

The photos in this post were taken on some of those outings.

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4 thoughts on “Good Times

  1. It’s great to have same interests, looks like you had a lot of fun together. You have a beatiful place over there and I see that it must have been interesting to discover things together. I had to google for “yuppified” to understand the meaning, that’s a funny word 🙂


      • I’d want to think about the good times too in your situation, but I’ve not been in the situation yet, that means I am afraid what I say sounds like an empty platitude.

        The first signs of my uncle’s health issues started by the end of last October, but at that time we didn’t know what was wrong. It feels strange that it’s already a year since then. I remember how we emailed at that time.

        Since then I didn’t notice the time, not even that I’ve been for a half year in another town from the middle of December on. It didn’t feel like a year to me, 2016 felt like a wink to me.

        I hope you feel well and I hope you can stay positive despite of the tragic loss.

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