Photo Challenge: Local

Although I actually live just outside the town, Geeveston, Tasmania has been my home for nearly fifteen years.

I love Church Street, the main street which has wooden sculptures and interesting shop windows. This week our town has been featured on television as the location of a new Australian comedy show and I’m very proud to see it shown off this way.

However, what makes this town special is the community itself. I’ve experienced kindness from the first day that we arrived. People look out for each other and newcomers are made welcome.

The wood carvings in the main street and elsewhere around town are of local people, not necessarily famous ones but people who made their mark on the town, a doctor,  a chemist, a policeman, a blacksmith. I think that says something about what kind of town Geeveston is. This town has my heart and always will.


via Photo Challenge: Local

One thought on “Photo Challenge: Local

  1. It’s true, it’s not just about the appereance of a place, but also about the community. I am glad you live in a friendly place. That’s my city can’t score, people are so grumpy here, I preferred Reinfeld, much more friendly community. But I think small towns score better because it’s less anonym.


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