The 3 am Rant – WAGS on Parade

Daily Prompt: Daring

Award nights, whether to honour people in the entertainment industry or sporting idols have become very much about the fashions. Who has the most fabulous dress and expensive jewels is a big part of the night’s entertainment. For actors and actresses it is part of their job to look good but in recent times we’ve seen the rise of the WAG, wives and girlfriends of sports stars. These ladies are sometimes well known in their own right but sometimes they are star wannabes and their claim to fame is wearing the most daring dress.

In fact it seems as if celebrity fashions are about how little you can get away with wearing as if somehow the guests at the big events have confused the red carpet with the beach or the bedroom. Where will it end I wonder? How much clothing is not enough?

I don’t suppose the designers mind. The dresses are not getting any cheaper although considering how much less material is involved they ought to be.

Daring they may be but these fashions are not as elegant as the classic evening gowns of the past.



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