4 thoughts on “Snapshot Sunday – Jonquils

  1. Dear ‘Taswegian 1957’
    I’ve noticed your article where you mention Kiddicraft (Aust) Pty., Ltd. I’m working on an article/note regarding Kiddicraft’s founder (Mr. Hilary Page) in the UK. However, I know very little as to Kiddicraft’s activities in Australia in the 60’ies. If you could help me with some informations – or tell me whom I could contact – I would be very happy.
    kind regards
    (from Denmark)


    • Hi Lars
      I don’t know anything about Kiddicraft (Aust) Pty Ltd but it may be that someone who reads this blog does. You are very welcome to email me and tell me about your research and what things you would like to find out about.


    • I haven’t got out to take pictures much for months so I’m grateful that I planted these jonquils and daffodils years ago when I could kneel and get up again without any trouble.


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