Garden Visitors Return

Green or Tasmanian Rosella

Green or Tasmanian Rosella


Remember the pair of green Rosellas that used to visit my back garden to eat the berries on the old bush? I have seen them about a few times over the past year but this morning they paid me a long visit.

It was around seven in the morning and I had just got out of bed and was waiting for my coffee to heat up. I looked out the kitchen window and the Rosellas were on the grass near the flower bed. I expected they would fly away but  when they didn’t I went into the living room to get the camera. It had the 24-55 mm lens but I didn’t want to waste time changing it. I didn’t want to scare them by going outside or even opening the window so I took my photos through the glass.

After taking a few pictures I had to get on with things. I was going out at 8:30 am so breakfast, showering, dressing and chores needed to be done. However a little later I looked out again and when I saw that the birds were still enjoying their breakfast on the grass I did put the 100-300 zoom on and took a few more.

These are not great pictures taken in a hurry through glass but I thought I would share some of them. Although I believe these might be a pair I’m not even sure which is which in these photos. When I got home this evening I did a little cropping and brightening with Picasa to compensate for taking the photos from inside the house

This sparrow joined them but soon decided that they were too big to compete with.

A common sparrow.

A common sparrow.

The Rosella’s in turn left when this fellow arrived. He is a masked lapwing, commonly known as a plover and they are frequent visitors to the land between my house and the power sub station next door. I thought that the parrots blended in with the colour of the grass really well and the sparrow with the bark chips behind him.




2 thoughts on “Garden Visitors Return

  1. What beautiful and interesting birds you have there! The rosellas are so pretty and the plover looks like an interesting bird too. The little sparrow is darling too. I’ve always had a soft spot for the plain brown birds.


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