Snapshot Sunday – Ferry Across the Mersey


Ferry crossing the Mersey River, Devonport Tasmania

Tasmania has been in the news recently with major flooding in many of our river systems, not the Huon thankfully. The port of Devonport on the Mersey River has been badly affected. Here is the tiny ferry that crosses the river on a nicer day. Taken on a trip to the northwest with friends a couple of years ago.

2 thoughts on “Snapshot Sunday – Ferry Across the Mersey

    • The waters have gone down now and recovery plans are already in place. Sadly there were some deaths from people either being swept away by the waters or in the case of a couple of elderly people unable to get out of their houses. The city of Launceston spent a lot of money on flood gates as it is a flood prone city and they seem to have held and contained the damage. The small town of Latrobe near Devonport was not so lucky, that flooding was freakish. They will clean up and it remains to be seen what the council or state government will do as a preventative measure in the future.


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