Polly and the Sparrow

This afternoon I was taking some doll photos and as I was not happy with the inside lighting for one of them decided to take her outside. While I was taking my pictures Polly and Cindy came outside to potter around as they often do. It was only when I changed positions that I noticed that Polly was in the crouched position and watching something very closely. On further inspection I saw she was watching a sparrow which was unconcernedly hopping around just a couple of metres away. I immediately put the doll down and focussed on Polly. I did not have my big lens on the camera. I never do seem to have it when I see birds but I could take some photos of Polly watching the sparrow.

I was surprised that the little bird did not seem at all worried about being on the ground so close to a cat. The sparrows are the most confident of the birds that visit my garden. They fly in to eat my lawn seed and lately groups of them have taken to giving themselves sand baths in the gravel under the pergola. This is hilarious to watch and I must try to get a picture.

Anyway Polly decided to make a run at the sparrow which flew a short distance away and carried on hopping about looking for food. Polly tried again and the bird flew onto the fence. I really don’t know if this was a young and inexperienced sparrow or if it knew that Polly was an inexperienced cat who has never hunted birds before.¬† I was able to walk closer to Polly taking more pictures but eventually I went a little too close to the fence and the sparrow decided to fly away leaving a somewhat bewildered Polly to try to work out where it went.

This shows what I already knew that the hunting instinct is there in all cats and why Miss Polly will never be allowed to play in the garden when I am not there to keep an eye on her. If you are wondering, I would not photograph Polly catching a bird I’d have put the camera down and chased the bird away well before that happened.

My images of the sparrow are not good as I didn’t have the right lens and had to crop a lot.

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