Ice Show at Sea

Outside Studio B in the Photo Centre.

Outside Studio B in the Photo Centre.

It is not very often you get to see an ice show at sea. In fact I had never been to an ice show before seeing the one on Explorer of the Seas.
The ice skating on Explorer of the Seas is held in Studio B which is a multi purpose venue on Deck 3. There was also open skating for passengers but as I don’t skate I forgot to check out when this was happening. Studio B is a small venue so to attend the ice show you had to go on a designated day based on your Muster number the same as for tickets for the shuttle bus in Picton. Naomi was not interested in seeing the show but I was curious because I thought I might get some good photos.

Studio B Explorer of the Seas

Studio B set up for the Ice Show..

Video photography was not allowed and flash was forbidden. The former I think was for copyright reasons and the later for safety reasons. The skaters have enough to contend with doing their routines on a moving surface. There were a couple of falls but I was very impressed with their skills dealing with the challenge of ice skating on a ship on a surface that would have been melting because of the lighting. The costumes and lighting were excellent too.
Because of the restrictions I took my little Canon Powershot instead of the Nikon. I was not sure if I would be able to get any good pictures at all without flash but I did get a few. Others were too blurry as I was not quick enough to focus on the movements in low light. The show was based on the four seasons and ran for around an hour from memory, maybe a little less. It was well worth seeing. Here are my best pictures from the show.

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