Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Pets

My Pets

I knew that Pets was coming up as a theme so I’ve been saving a few pictures for it. Polly and Cindy are probably the most photographed pets I’ve ever had because they are the fur kids of the digital age. I have some of all of our previous cats and dogs but not as many as I’d like. I don’t have  a picture of Tammy, our first dog, as a puppy for example.

Here is Polly in the back garden. The path and entertainment area are covered in limestone dust. Polly thinks this looks a lot like her kitty litter and has taken to doing her business there. I should be cross but it makes me laugh to see how she copes with trying to tidy up the biggest kitty litter tray ever after she’s done it. I’ve only seen her do number ones there thank goodness. I refrained from photographing her doing the deed but I still got a dirty look afterwards.

Here is one I took of her when I was first trying out the new camera.

Polly indoors

Polly indoors

I don’t want Cindy to feel left out so here is one that I took of her around the same time and another of her having fun in the back garden recently.


Cindy on the couch.

Cindy on the couch.

Cindy rolling.

Cindy rolling.

Last here are their predecessors, Tessie who came from Adelaide with us, Jake and Josey who were litter mates that we got from someone in Huonville. We went to get one kitten and came away with two.

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