Marilyn at Serendipity posted this today and it so exactly matches my feelings I decided to reblog.
Vote for smart people, vote for people who care. Vote for people who believe climate change is real. Do what you can, don’t think that one person’s actions won’t matter.


earth day 2016I run this Walt Kelly Pogo cartoon every year. Despite the passage of time, it is as true now as it ever was. It shouldn’t be.

Garry and I remember the first Earth Day. How sure we were that everything would get better. We believed we could fix the world.

Forty-six years later, the earth should be cleaner. We should be saving the planet, not destroying more of it. But, reality bites. The earth is more endangered than ever.

Pogo - The First Earth Day - 1971 - Walt Kelly Pogo – Earth Day 1971 poster – Walt Kelly

Save the planet. Save something. Live greener. Use less stuff. Don’t litter. Do what you can. Don’t let the despoilers buy all our beautiful places and pave them. Say no to fracking. Say yes to fossil fuel alternatives.

Vote for smart people. Caring people. Vote for people who understand that climate change is real. That if we are not good shepherds for…

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2 thoughts on “EARTH DAY AGAIN – APRIL 22, 2016

  1. Thanks for the reblog. I find it disheartening that we have made so little progress in nearly 50 years of Earth Days. Garry covered the first Earth Day as a young reporter. It was big news. It was important. Now, it’s just another one of those nearly forgotten days on the calendar. Some people are more aware of the problems — while just as many refuse to even acknowledge that there ARE any problems.

    The air is a little cleaner — in a few places. We have (mostly) stopped pouring sewage into our estuaries and oceans … but not by any means universally. Meanwhile, we’ve invented so many new ways to assault the earth.

    I read a book recently which posited that if human being lived longer — Methuselah long — we’d care more about our planet because we’d still be here to see the results of what we have done. It’s a thought!


    • It is a thought and we are living longer than previous generations but it’s hard to make changes when we elect people either don’t believe in climate change or just use it as a politcal football.


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